File An Inverse Condemnation Lawsuit

The government and other entities with the power of eminent domain are required to follow a specific process when taking land. If your land has been taken or your property has been damaged and you have not been fairly compensated, you may be able to pursue compensation through an inverse condemnation lawsuit, which is a lawsuit filed by the landowner against the government entity.

Additionally, inverse condemnation actions may be used to seek compensation for regulatory takings. A regulatory taking refers to land that has not been taken physically, but has suffered from diminished usefulness or value because of government regulations.

Your Rights Under The Constitution

As a landowner, you have rights guaranteed by your state's Constitution. One of those rights is that you are entitled to be paid fairly if your land is taken for a public project. At Vassallo & Salazar, P.C., our attorneys are committed to helping you exert your rights by filing an inverse condemnation lawsuit to recover money if your land was taken, damaged or devalued.

You may be able to file an inverse condemnation claim due to issues such as:

  • Road widening or new road construction
  • Creation of pipeline corridors
  • Water diversion or flooding
  • Highway noise, airplane noise or other noise pollution
  • Interference with access

Determining Fair Compensation

One of the most challenging aspects of inverse condemnation lawsuits is determining the appropriate amount of compensation to seek. Our lawyers have more than 100 years of combined experience. We work with trusted appraisers and other experts to make certain we pursue the correct amount of compensation based on your land loss.

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