Fair Compensation For Regulatory Takings

Have you been deprived of the use or value of your land because of government regulations? With the help of an experienced lawyer, you may be able to get compensation.

What Is A Regulatory Taking?

When landowners think of a taking, they typically think of a physical taking such as those conducted through the condemnation process. They think of private land being taken for public use. However, when a regulation is in place that deprives a landowner of the use or economic value of his or her property, this can constitute a taking as well.

Zoning restrictions and property constraints are examples of regulatory takings, because they may prevent landowners from developing or making use of their real estate. If you have had your land development proposals denied, if you have been denied permits or variances, or if the government has imposed such tight restrictions that you cannot get the full value of your land, may be the victim of a regulatory taking and you may be entitled to compensation.

Exactions and impact fees are sometimes referred to as regulatory takings. Although exactions and impact fees may not be legally regarded as takings, you may have remedies available to you.

How To Get Compensation For A Regulatory Taking

At Vassallo & Salazar, P.C., our attorneys are focused on the rights of property owners in the eminent domain process, including regulatory takings. In regulatory takings cases, the primary method in seeking compensation for the landowner is by an inverse condemnation action, which is a lawsuit by the landowner against the government entity that is behind the regulatory taking. An inverse condemnation lawsuit essentially asks for fair compensation for the land that has been taken. Depending on the nature of the case, we may also pursue methods to alter or overcome the regulations so that you can move forward with a proposed development project.

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