What To Do When Your Property Is Taken For A New Road

The need for new and expanded roadways is growing, and while roads may benefit Texas citizens, they may also threaten your property. If your property is in the path of a project to expand or build a new road, you may receive a letter regarding eminent domain and condemnation of your property. The Dallas firm of Vassallo & Salazar, P.C., can oversee the whole process and will seek the adequate and just compensation you are entitled to under the United States Constitution and the laws of the state where your property is located.

Protect Your Interests In Eminent Domain Proceedings

When your property is the subject of an eminent domain proceeding, you may receive a proposed deed or real estate contract from the condemning authority with pressure to sign. If you receive a deed or contract you should never sign it without an experienced attorney’s review.

You may deserve more compensation than offered by the condemning authority, and you may deserve more compensation than you expected. Vassallo & Salazar, P.C., evaluate the condemning entity’s initial offer, help get your land properly appraised, and pursue your right to full compensation.

If you receive notice that your property is the subject of eminent domain, do not accept the first offer you receive without hiring an experienced eminent domain attorney. The lawyers at Vassallo & Salazar, P.C., has been representing landowners for decades, and is ready to represent you. You can call us at 800-231-3657 or 214-559-7200, or fill out our online form to schedule your initial consultation.