How To Benefit From The Government Taking Your Property For Public Use

There are many reasons a condemning entity may condemn your property. In addition to roadways and utility lines, the list of projects that may qualify for eminent domain includes schools; hospitals; airports; drainage facilities; post offices; and city, state, or federal buildings, as well as other property takings and damages caused by condemning authorities.

When a condemning authority contacts you about taking your property, remember you are entitled to full compensation as guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the state where your property is located. Getting the right attorney can help ensure this. Vassallo & Salazar, P.C., in Dallas, has over 100 years of combined experience in representing property owners, and we know how to protect your rights.

The law requires the government, or any other condemning entity, to offer you fair compensation for your property, but that does not mean it will offer the amount you deserve. The condemning authority must provide an appraisal of your property, but the appraisal may overlook valuable factors. We oversee the entire process to ensure that you receive the compensation due for the taking of your property.

The lawyers at Vassallo & Salazar, P.C., only represent property owners, and each case has unique factors to consider. Whether you are an owner of a residential, commercial, ranch, or any other type of property, or you are a tenant, lessee, or have some other property interest, we can help. If you need an attorney to represent your interest, contact us at 800-231-3657, 214-559-7200, or online to set up your initial consultation.