Overcoming Zoning Restrictions And Property Constraints

Zoning restrictions, land use ordinances and other property constraints frequently present barriers to landowners and developers. These constraints may prevent the property owner from seeing lucrative plans and projects come to fruition, or they may simply hinder the use of the real estate. At Vassallo & Salazar, P.C., we can help you overcome these constraints.

  • Have you been denied permits?
  • Have you been denied variances and zoning exemptions?
  • Have you been subjected to the imposition of mitigation measures?

While it may seem like a challenge to take on the zoning boards and government agencies that set these constraints, this is something our attorneys do all the time. We have established a reputation throughout Texas for our ability to overcome constraints and help developers move forward with projects and see that landowners get the full use of their land. You can benefit from the 100-plus years of combined experience we bring to these matters.

Pushing The Project Forward

Zoning restrictions and property constraints may be considered regulatory takings. Although the real estate has not been physically taken from you, you have been deprived of the use or value of the land. You should be compensated for your loss. We will help you get the compensation you are entitled to under Texas law.

However, we recognize that your goal may not be compensation. Ideally, you may simply want a way to move the project forward. Our Dallas based lawyers are skilled at identifying and working with the appropriate zoning board or government agency to find positive resolutions. We will work with you to gain support of neighbors and the surrounding community, when appropriate. We will pursue appeals of unfavorable decisions and, when circumstances require it, pursue the matter to trial.

Free Initial Consultation About Fighting Zoning Restrictions

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