Helping Property Owners Get The Compensation They Deserve

When threatened with condemnation, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. The government and other entities with eminent domain authority frequently undervalue property. Their initial assessment may be incomplete, and their offer may not reflect what you are entitled to under the Constitution, and you may deserve more compensation than you expected.

At Vassallo & Salazar, P.C., we will protect your rights and help you get the compensation the Constitution guarantees. Our Dallas based attorneys exclusively represent property owners against city, county, state and federal governmental entities as well as utility companies and other entities with the power of eminent domain.

If the government or any other condemning entity is going to take your land and use it for a road, railroad, utility line, pipeline, park, school, hospital or any other public project, we can help you.

Understanding Eminent Domain And Condemnation

Eminent domain is a condemning entity’s right to take private property for public use. To acquire private property, the condemning entity must compensate the property owner with adequate and just compensation under the United States Constitution and the laws of the state where your property is located.

Condemnation is the legal procedure used to take private property from a landowner. Put simply, eminent domain is a power and condemnation is a process.

We can guide you through it while protecting your rights.

Answers To Your Questions About Takings

Every case has unique circumstances depending on the type of land involved, the entity taking the property and the public project, including pipelines, roadways and more. We are well-versed in all types of property uses, including commercial, residential, ranches and other property interests. We are here to help you understand all aspects of how the taking may impact your property.

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